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Vasculata 2021

Vasculata 2021

July 13-15 

This meeting will be a virtual event

Guillermo Garcia-Cardena, Mary Wallingford, Timothy Hla and Hong Chen

Vasculata™ 2021 will be an intense 3-day course introducing the basics of cardiovascular biology and pathology with an emphasis on new approaches to better understand and treat cardiovascular disease. Vasculata will combine a self-study program and seminars from leaders in the field with optional hands-on workshops, thus providing attendees with a unique learning experience.

Vasculata will feature:

  • lectures by reknowned experts
  • poster sessions
  • network with peers
  • network with faculty
  • career development
  • affordable registration

Special Lecture: 

"A Tale of Two Callings" by Robert Lefkowitz, Duke University Medical Center.

Robert J. Lefkowitz, M.D. is James B. Duke Professor of Medicine at the Duke University Medical Center. Dr. Lefkowitz began his research career in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when there was not a clear consensus that specific receptors for drugs and hormones even existed. His group spent 15 years developing techniques for labeling the receptors with radioactive drugs and then purifying the four different receptors that were known and thought to exist for adrenaline, so called adrenergic receptors. In 1986 Dr. Lefkowitz transformed the understanding of what had by then become known as G protein coupled receptors, when he and his colleagues cloned the gene for the B2-adrenergic receptor. Dr. Lefkowitz has received many awards for his work on cellular receptors, including the National Medal of Science and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.



Grant Writing Workshop - (limited to 12 people - register for this early) will focus on writing your Specific Aims.  Attendees are required to bring their own in-progress Specific Aims sheets.

Innovations in Vascular Imaging - Supported by Miltenyi Biotec and Imaris
Discover how new innovations in whole-organ 3D fluorescence imaging enable improved approaches for analysis of vascular tissues.  Join us for this educational workshop featuring research talks on new 3D analysis methods for vascular and cardiac injury models, an interactive expert panel discussion, new methods and technologies, and more.

Single-cell RNAseq  - 
Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) provides the expression profiles of individual cells and is considered the gold standard for defining cell states and phenotypes. In Vascular Biology, scRNA-seq offers us the newest toolbox to visualize transcriptome changes in a broad spectrum of vascular cells with high resolution and afford us to discern vascular cell subpopulations in distinct vascular beds and various physio-pathological states.  The session will include:

Video demonstration of single cell preparation and 10x Genomics – Dr. Kelvin Chan, BCH/Harvard Medical School
scRNA-seq data analysis and bioinformatics – Dr. Kaifu Chen, BCH/Harvard Medical School
Q and A session 


Pilar Alcaide, PhD, Tufts University School of Medicine
Edward Bahnson, Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Rui Benedito, PhD, CNIC
Laura Benjamin, PhD, OncXerna
Joyce Bischoff, PhD, Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Hong Chen, PhD, Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital
Guilherme Costa, PhD, Queen’s University of Belfast
Robert D’Amato, MD, PhD, Children's Hospital
Patricia D’Amore, PhD, Schepens Eye Research Inst of Mass Eye and Ear/ Harvard Medical School
Harold Dvorak, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess Med Center
Yumei Feng Earley, MD, PhD, University of Nevada, Reno
Christiane Ferran, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School
Guillermo Garcia-Cardena, PhD, Harvard Medical School/Brigham & Women's Hospital
Michael A. Gimbrone Jr., MD, Harvard Medical School/Brigham & Women's Hospital
Chenghua Gu, PhD, Harvard Medical School
Tim Hla, PhD, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Rakesh Jain, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital
Philip King, PhD, University of Michigan
Sebastian Korste, PhD, University of Duisburg-Essen
Nathan Lawson, PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Robert Lefkowitz, MD, Duke University School of Medicine
Peter Libby, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
F. William Luscinskas, PhD, Brigham & Women's Hospital
Juan Melero-Martin, PhD, Boston Children's Hospital
Marsha Moses, PhD, Harvard Medical School
Mary Wallingford, PhD, Tufts Medical Center 

This Meeting is Supported by Educational Grants from: