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Multiscale analysis of lymphatic muscle pumping

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Lymphatic Forum 2019



 Exploring the Lymphatic Continuum

May 30-June 1, 2019
AT&T Conference Center Austin, TX


Preliminary Program


Thursday, May 30, 2019

Clinical Aspects of Lymphatic Pathologies and Patient Perspectives
Chair: Stanley Rockson, Stanford University

8:30am   Clinical cases discussed

Lymphatic Development and Remodeling
Chair: Mark Kahn, University of Pennsylvania


  Introduction by Session Chair


  Lymphatics in heart development


    Guillermo Oliver, Northwestern University


  Multiscale analysis of lymphatic muscle pumping


    James Moore, Imperial College London
11:35am    Leishmania Infection–Induced Lymphangiogenesis


    Tiffany Weinkopff, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


  Short Talk: Nucleoside-Modified VEGFC mRNA Induces Organ-Specific Lymphatic Growth and Reverses Experimental Lymphedema


    Zoltan Jakus, Semmelweis University and Hungarian Academy of Sciences


  Nano Talk: Lymphatic Mimicry Promotes Placental Spiral Artery Remodeling


    John Pawlak, University of North Carolina


  Nano Talk: Enhancing Lymphangiogenesis Ameliorates Chronic Heart Failure


    LouJin Song, Pfizer, Inc.
12:23pm                Lunch Break – on your own
1:45pm   Message from Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)
      William Repicci, President and CEO of LE&RN

Lymph and Interstitial Fluid "omic" Profiles in Health and Disease
Chair: Laura Santambrogio, Albert Einstein School of Medicine

1:55pm   Introduction by Session Chair
2:00pm    Continuous release of Beta cell peptides primes the immune system for autoimmune diabetes
      Emil Unanue, Washington University School of Medicine
2:25pm    Identification of pathogen peptidome targets in biological fluids to diagnose disease and identify specific pathogen species
      Tony Hu, Arizona State University
2:50pm   Short Talk: Ultra high-frequency ultrasound: a new and highly accurate tool for visualization of lymphatic vessels
      Guido Giacalone, AZ Sint-Maarten
3:03pm    Nano Talk: Altered lymphatic transport and metabolism of chylomicrons in Crohn’s disease
      Li-Hao Huang, Washington University School of Medicine

Mechanobiology of Lymphatic Structure and Function
Chair: Michael Davis, University of Missouri
Co-sponsored by the Microcirculatory Society

3:25pm   Introduction by Session Chair
3:30pm    The tale of two shear stress activated signaling pathways
      Sathish Srinivasan, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
3:55pm    Effects of pulmonary lymph flow on lymphatic endothelium
      Sanjeev Datar, University of California, San Francisco
4:20pm   Dissecting the transcriptional control of lymphatic endothelial cell identity
      Natasha Harvey, University of South Australia
4:45pm   Short Talk: The role of Foxo1 in Lymphatic Valve Formation
      Ying Yang, University of South Florida
4:58pm    Short Talk: VE-cadherin Is Required for Lymphatic Valve Formation and Maintenance
      Joshua Scallan, University of South Florida
5:11pm    Nano Talk: Ex vivo and In Vivo Entrainment of Lymphatic Contractions to Oscillatory Pressure Gradients
      Anish Mukherjee, Georgia Institute of Technology
5:16pm    Nano Talk: Co-regulation of Lymphangiogenesis by Mechanical and Biochemical Cues
      Laura Alderfer, University of Notre Dame
5:21pm    Nano Talk: An in vitro study of the morphological and biochemical responses of lymphatic endothelial cells in response to spatiotemporally varying wall shear stress
       Elefttheria Michalaki, Stanford University
5:26pm    Dinner on your own  
Poster Session I – 7:30-9:30pm
Friday, May 31, 2019

Mixed Vascular (lymphatic-venous) Anomalies
Chair: Peter Mortimer, St. George’s University of London

8:30am   Introduction by Session Chair
8:35am    Molecular Genetics of Vascular Malformations
      Miikka Vikkula, Institut de Duve
9:00am   Complex Vascular Malformations with Lymphatic Involvement
      Francine Blei, Northwell Health
9:25am   Medical management of lymphatic anomalies: Sirolimus and beyond
      Denise Adams, Boston Children’s Hospital
9:50am    Short Talk: RAS-MAPK and PI3K-AKT-mTOR pathway inhibitors in a zebrafish model of lymphatic malformations associated with the KRAS p.G12D mutation
      Sarah Sheppard, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
10:03am    Nano Talk: Mutations in genes involved in MAPK pathway cause lymphatic anomalies
       Dong Li, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Trainee/Young Investigators Session
Co-Chairs: Jorge Castorena Gonzalez, University of Missouri and Wenjing Xu, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

 10:25am   Introduction by Session Chairs
 10:30am   Loss of lymphatic endothelial Foxc2 in adult protects against diet-induced obesity by promoting lymphangiogenesis  
      Yang Lee, Harvard Medical School/Boston Children's Hospital 
 10:55am   MicroRNA-mediated control of developmental lymphangiogenesis  
      Hyun Min Jung, NICHD/NIH
 11:20am   Dysfunction of collecting liver lymphatics during the progression of extrahepatic cholestasis  
      April O'Brien, Texas A&M Health Science Center 
11:45am    Nanofibrillar scaffold with plated adipose derived stem cells, its use for lymphedema treatment in rats, and path for clinical application  
      Peter Tabada, Fibralign Corp 
12:10pm               Lunch Break – on your own
1:45pm   Message from Dr. Gary H. Gibbons, M.D.,  Director of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
      William Repicci, LE&RN 

Lymphatic Muscle and Lymph Flow
Chair: Brandon Dixon, Georgia Institute of Technology
Co-sponsored by the Japanese Society of Lymphology

1:55pm   Introduction by Session Chair
2:00pm    Water intake accelerates mesenteric lymph flow and the total flux of long-chain fatty acids
      Toshio Ohhashi, Shinshu University
2:25pm    SR calcium release accelerates lymphatic muscle cell pacemaking through activation of Ano1
      Scott Zawieja, University of Missouri
2:50pm    Early rescue of lymphatic function limits atherosclerosis progression in Ldlr-/- mice
      Catherine Martel, Montreal Heart Institute

Short Talk: Muscle cells on the lymphatics should be referred as lymphatic muscle cells not as lymphatic smooth muscle cells

      Mariappan Muthuchamy, Texas A&M University
3:28pm    Nano Talk: Role calcineurin/NFAT inhibitors on contractility of collecting lymphatic vessels
      Zhanna Nepiyushchikh, Georgia Institute of Technology
 3:33pm   Nano Talk: Endothelium-dependent mechanisms of lymphatic dysfunction in metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes associated with obesity
      Jorge Castorena-Gonzalez, University of Missouri
3:38pm    Nano Talk: Lymphatic-targeting nanoparticles for mechanistically enhancing contractions of collecting lymphatic vessels
      Kim To, Georgia Institute of Technology

Quantitative Analysis of Lymphatic Structure and Function
Chair: James Moore, Imperial College London

4:00pm   Introduction by Session Chair
4:05pm    Physical and electrical analogs of multi-lymphangion systems
      James Baish, Bucknell University
4:30pm    In vivo imaging of the outflow of cerebrospinal fluid through lymphatic vessels
      Steven Proulx, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
4:55pm    Growth and remodeling in collecting lymphatic vessels and the consequence to function
      Brandon Dixon, George Institute of Technology
5:20pm    Short Talk: Paracellular and energy-dependent transport as functional components of lymphatic physiology of brain meninges
      Liudmila Romanova, Rush University Medical Center
5:33pm    Nano Talk: Inadequate Lymphatic Reserve in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
      Giacomo Rossitto, University of Glasgow
5:38pm    Nano Talk: Chemokine Transport within the Lymphatic System: Toward an Integration of Cellular and Transport Phenomena
      Daniel Watson, Imperial College
5:45pm    Dinner on your own  
Poster Session II – 7:30-9:30pm
Saturday, June 1, 2019

Novel Insights on Mechanisms of Lymph Transport
Chair: Sanjukta Chakraborty, Texas A&M College of Medicine

8:30am   Introduction by Session Chair
8:35am    Histamine and lymphatics - from health to disease
      Anatoliy Gashev, Texas A&M College of Medicine
9:00am    Delivering therapeutics to targets within the lymphatics
      Eva Sevick, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
9:25am    Latest advances in research on lymphatic anomalies with bone involvement
      Michael Dellinger, UT Southwestern Medical Center
9:50am    Lymphatics in our unhealthy lifestyles
      Joseph Rutkowski, Texas A&M Health Science Center

Inflammation and the Lymphatic-immune Interface
Chair: Mariappan Muthuchamy, Texas A&M Health Science Center

10:30am   Introduction by Session Chair
10:35am    Leukocyte entry and migration through afferent lymphatic vessels
      Cornelia Halin, ETH Zurich
11:00am    Lymph-borne antigens and dendritic cells in the generation of T cell responses
      Michael Gerner, University of Washington
11:25am    Immune consequences of lymphatic alterations during intestinal inflammation
      Pierre von der Weid, University of Calgary

Short Talk: Lymph node formation and B cell homeostasis require IKKa in distinct endothelial cell-derived compartments

      Michael J. May, University of Pennsylvania
 12:03pm   Short Talk: Chronic liver disease in humans causes expansion and differentiation of liver lymphatic endothelial cells  
      Matthew A. Burchill, University of Colorado - Anschutz Medical Campus

Nano Talk: Mechanisms of immunotherapy potentiation by lymphangiogenic tumors  

      Lambert Potin, University of Chicago 
12:21pm   Nano Talk: Lymphatic-mediated egress of tumor-specific CD8+ T cells limits anti-tumor immunity in melanoma
      Maria Steele, Oregon Health & Science University
12:26pm              Lunch Break – on your own

Role of Lymphatics in Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
Chair: Tim Padera, Massachusetts General Hospital

1:45pm   Introduction by Session Chair
1:50pm    Doxycycline trial for filarial lymphedema
      Philip Budge, Washington University in St. Louis
2:15pm    Effects of MRSA infections on lymphatic function
      Tim Padera, Massachusetts General Hospital
2:40pm    Lymphatic transport in cutaneous viral infection
      Amanda Lund, Oregon Health & Science University
3:05pm   Short Talk: PD-L1 expression by lymphatic endothelial cells; more than just a signal to T cells
      Beth A. Tamburini, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
3:18pm   Short Talk: Inherent biomechanical traits enable infective filariae to disseminate through collecting lymphatic vessels
      Witold Kilarski, University of Chicago

Lymphatic Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells and Nanoparticles
Chair: Melody Swartz, University of Chicago

3:45pm   Introduction by Session Chair
3:50pm    Tissue scaffolds for reconstruction of lymphatic vessels
      Stanley Rockson, Stanford University
4:15pm    Overcoming barriers to tumor lymphatic drug delivery
      Susan Thomas, Georgia Institute of Technology
4:40pm   Short Talk: Stromal vascular fraction derived vasculogenesis is associated with the formation of mosaic lymphatic/blood vessels
      Walter Lee Murfee, University of Florida
4:53pm   Nano-Talk: Nanoparticles for lymphatic-targeted nitric oxide delivery
      Lauren F. Sestito, Georgia Institute of Technology
4:58pm   Nano-Talk: Targeting antigen to lymph node lymphatic endothelial cells under steady-state to promote archiving and memory
      Chitavi D. Maulloo, University of Chicago 
Closing Session
5:30pm    Message from Kathy Bates LE&RN Spokesperson and Intro to Plenary Speaker
      William Repicci, LE&RN
5:40pm   Plenary Lecture: Translational medicine: the impact of lymphatic science
      Peter Mortimer, St. George’s University of London
6:30pm   Farewell Dinner and Award Ceremony 


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Translational medicine: the impact of lymphatic science

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