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Stephen Schwartz Award

Stephen M. Schwartz


January 1, 1942–March 17, 2020

Stephen Schwartz Award Presented by NAVBO for Outstanding Mentorship

When asked to describe Dr. Schwartz people who knew him would inevitably say he was a great mentor.  His trainees went on to successful leadership roles and became exemplary mentors in their own right.  Steve of course had many unique qualities including a sense of humor, skepticism, and malarkey. These attributes are not required of the nominees; however, they may be a plus!

We are seeking nominations for the 2021 Award - nominations are due May 3, 2021.

Criteria –
This award will recognize a mentor that has contributed significantly to the successful career of scientists who have trained in their lab; who has served as an exemplary mentor to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows and contributed to fostering an environment which facilitates both professional and personal growth.

Requirements –
A minimum of two letters from trainees of the nominee; a maximum of four letters will be allowed.  At least one letter must be from a trainee not currently studying in the mentor’s lab.  Letters should be a maximum of 500 words. Nominators must also submit their own NIH Biosketches.

Letters should include the following:

  • How the mentor provides an environment for growth and exploration and encourages independence
  • How the mentor provides guidance in writing papers and grants, setting up a lab, developing careers, etc.
  • Examples of the mentor providing leadership not only in the lab but in life as a scientist
  • A listing of some highly successful protégés

Once the necessary letters are received, the Meritorious Awards Committee will request an NIH Biosketch from the nominee.  The nominee’s biosketch will require a list of current and former trainees.

Award -
The selected mentor will be invited to attend the Vascular Biology meeting along with two of the nominating trainees, preferably a current or recent lab member and a former lab member. The trainees will recount highlights of their mentor’s career in fifteen-minute presentations. This presentation will be held in conjunction with the other award presentations (Benditt, Folkman, Springer) at the annual meeting.

The registration of all three (mentor and two trainees) will be waived and $500 will be provided to each to help defray travel costs (airfare and hotel; receipts will be required).

In addition, the mentor will receive a handsome plaque, and NAVBO will offer a Travel Award ($500) and waive the registration fee to the following year’s annual meeting for a trainee named by the mentor. 


Submit your nomination