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Mark Kahn 2013 Judah Folkman Award Winner

2013 NAVBO Judah Folkman Award in Vascular Biology -
Mark Kahn, University of Pennsylvania

kahnreceivesawardDr. Klaus, NAVBO President, presents the Judah Folkman Award in Vascular Biology to Dr. Mark Kahn, University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Heidi Stuhlman, Weill Medical College, introduced Dr. Kahn.

The NAVBO Meritorious Awards Committee, the Scientific Advisory Board and the NAVBO Council announce with pleasure the selection of Mark Kahn, M.D., as the recipient of the 2013 Judah Folkman Award in Vascular Biology.  This award recognizes outstanding contributions from vascular biologists who are at a mid-career level (within fifteen years of their first faculty appointment). Dr. Kahn will present the Folkman Award
Lecture, "Signaling pathways in vascular development and disease," and receive the award at the Award Lectures and Ceremony on Wednesday, October 23 at Vascular Biology 2013 (October 20-24) in Hyannis, Massachusetts.

Dr. Kahn earned both his B.A. and M.D. degrees from Brown University.  Following an internal medicine residency at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, he pursued a series of fellowships, in Medicine at the NHLBI, in clinical cardiology at the University of California, San Francisco, and in cardiology research at UCSF.  He joined the Medicine faculty at the University of Pennsylvania in 1999, rising to the rank of Professor of Medicine in 2009.  He serves also on the cardiology medical staffs of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the associated VA Medical Center.  In addition, he is Director of the CVI Mouse Cardiovascular Physiology Core at UPenn.

The Folkman Award recognizes Dr. Kahn's contributions to our understanding of intercellular signaling mechanisms in the growth of the blood and lymphatic vessels, including novel roles of platelets in vascular development and homeostasis.  He previously has received a variety of honors and research awards, including a Howard Hughes Post-doctoral Fellowship, a Buegher Award for Basic Investigation of Stroke from the American Heart Association, an AHA Young Investigator Award in Thrombosis, and an Established Investigator Award from the AHA.  His laboratory has achieved an excellent level of funding, garnering support from the NIH, the Leducq Foundation, and the AHA.  He has published widely, with authorship on upwards of 60 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and is in steady demand as an invited speaker.  Dr. Kahn also is an active and contributing NAVBO member, serving this year as one of the organizers of the Workshop on Biology of Signaling in the Cardiovascular System, one  of the components of Vascular Biology 2013. Please join us in Hyannis in October both to enjoy the fruits of Dr. Kahn's efforts in putting Vascular Biology 2013 together and to celebrate his achievements in vascular biology as the Folkman Award winner.

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by William R. Huckle,
NAVBO Editor