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Jordan Pober

2014 NAVBO Earl P. Benditt Award - Jordan S. Pober, Yale University School of Medicine

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Dr. Pober will give his talk, "Lymphocyte Interactions with the Vessel Wall" on October 22, 2014 at Vascular Biology 2014 in Pacific Grove, CA (Monterey Peninsula).

The NAVBO Meritorious Awards Committee and Council is pleased to announce the selection of Jordan S. Pober, M.D., Ph.D, as the 2014 recipient of the Earl P. Benditt Award, in recognition of his pioneering work in endothelial cell biology and vascular immunology. Dr. Pober is currently the inaugural Bayer Professor of Translational Medicine, Director of Human and Translational Immunology Program, and Vice-Chair of the Department of Immunobiology for the Section of Human and Translational Immunology at the Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Pober will present the Benditt Lecture and receive the award, one of NAVBO's highest honors, at Vascular Biology 2014 in Pacific Grove, California, on October 22, 2014.

Dr. Pober received his M.D. and Ph.D. in 1977 from Yale, having performed graduate research under the direction of Lubert Stryer and Jack Strominger, themselves major figures in biochemistry and immunology, respectively. Dr. Pober has remained a leader in the vascular biology field for over 30 years. His important work in the early 1980s demonstrated that cytokines of innate immunity (TNF and IL-1) and of adaptive immunity (IFN-gamma and IL-4) act on human endothelium to induce molecules that mediate interactions with circulating leukocytes including Class I and, unexpectedly, Class II MHC molecules, leukocyte adhesion molecules and chemokines. Based upon these discoveries, Dr. Pober formulated and introduced the concept of endothelial activation. This concept is now a widely accepted paradigm of inflammation, changing our view of the endothelium from a passive barrier to a central and active player in inflammatory processes. In this respect, Dr. Pober's work clearly reaches the ideal of the Benditt Award as recognizing "...an individual who has made an outstanding discovery or developed a concept that has been seminal to our understanding of vascular biology or pathology."

In addition to his influential work in vascular inflammation, Jordan laboratory was one of the first to clone a molecule (PDGF B) from endothelial cells, isolate Weibel-Palade bodies, and define mechanisms of secretion of vonWillebrand Factor. More recently, he has continued to advance important concepts in vascular immunobiology as evidenced by his work on the immunologic causation of graft vasculopathy by cytokines such as IFN-gamma and the generation of synthetic microvessels as a means to improve blood flow. He also continues to make new and interesting observations on how vascular cells may regulate adaptive immune responses through antigen presentation.

In addition to his scholarship, Jordan was both a founding member and former President of NAVBO (1997-1998) and has served the scientific community on numerous editorial boards and study sections. He founded the first interdepartmental program at Yale Medical School in 1991 and has assembled one of the preeminent vascular biology programs in the country. In 2007, he initiated the Human Translational Immunology Program and has continued to recruit and build this important program at Yale to apply the discoveries of immunology to immune modulated diseases in humans such as transplant arteriopathy, diabetes and cancer. Jordan is widely regarded as an outstanding mentor, incredible intellect and invaluable colleague. Please join us at Asilomar to honor Jordan as he receives this well-deserved award in October.

Compiled by William R. Huckle,
NAVBO Editor

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