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Earl P. Benditt Award

Earl Philip Benditt

April 15, 1916–May 27, 1996

Earl P. Benditt Award Presented by NAVBO


This award recognizes an individual who has made an outstanding discovery or developed a concept that has been seminal to our understanding of vascular biology or pathology.

The recipient will receive a crystal plaque and a monetary award and will be asked to give a lecture at the Vascular Biology Meeting.


Specific Criteria:

  • No age requirement
  • Candidate need not be a NAVBO member
  • Primary nominator must be a Regular member of NAVBO
  • Nobel Prize recipients are not eligible
  • Recipient must be available to present a lecture at the next Vascular Biology (NAVBO's annual meeting)
  • Limit additional letters of recommendation to no more than three (each a maximum of 500 words). At least two of all the letters must be by scientists from a different institution than the nominee.
  • Complete online application (must upload CV in the prescribed format, see below*) and at least one letter of recommendation; limit of five documents)

To nominate a colleague, go to Nominations for Meritorious Awards

About Earl P. Benditt

* CV format:
A. Education/Training
B. Positions and Honors
C. Contributions to Science
Briefly describe up to five of the most significant contributions to science. For each, indicate the historical background that frames the scientific problem; central finding(s); the influence of the finding(s) on the progress of science and/or their application to health or technology; and the nominee's scientific role in the described work. Description can include up to four peer-reviewed publications and should not exceed one half page.
D. List of Trainees
E. Research Support
F. Full list of publications, organized into primary research articles, reviews, and books/book chapters.

Past Recipients of the Earl P. Benditt Award include:

2018 - Rakesh Jain

2017 - Peter Libby

2016 - Elisabetta Dejana

2015 - Eli Keshet

2014 - Jordan S. Pober

2013 - Michael Klagsbrun

2012 - Bradford C. Berk

2011 - Kari Alitalo

2010 - Richard O. Hynes

2009 - A. Jake Lusis

2008 - Shaun R. Coughlin

2007 - Harold F. Dvorak

2006 - Salvador Moncada

2005 - Thomas Maciag

2004 - Peter Carmeliet

2003 - Mark H. Ginsberg

2002 - Michael A. Gimbrone, Jr.

2001 - Stephen Schwartz

2000 - Judah Folkman

1999 - Morris Karnovsky